pond technology


When temperatures decline, several precautions are necessary to prevent frost damages. These do not only concern delicate plants in the garden or on the terrace. In the garden pond, too, precautions have to be taken in order to help plants and animals through the cold season without harm, as with closed ice cover the decomposition of dead plant material results in damages caused by fermentation gases.

Schego offers different solutions to this problem:

pond heater titanium tube

By installing the Schego Pond heater, you can ensure an ice-free area even during periods of severe frost. The size of the ice-free area depends on the wattage chosen and the ambient temperature. It is independent of the size of the pond. The heater is available in 100, 200, 300 and 600 W and ideal to combine with the Schego frost monitor.

frost guard

Do you know that?! Sudden cold snap or long-lasting temperatures below zero – and this too while you are away! This frequently means losing fish in your garden pond or plants in your greenhouse. In the worst case there is even expensive damage to water and central heating pipes in camper vans or in the garden shed.

The Schego frost guard prevents this frost damage and at around 0 °C it switches on a connected appliance, such as a pond heater, a water pump or a heater, etc. Once the frost period has passed, the frost guard switches this appliance off again.

garden pond aerator GTD 250

Air is life – this also applies for your garden pond, both in summer and in winter!

Oxygen is vital for life in the garden pond and indispensable so that fish can breathe. In summer during hot periods an oxygen deficiency can arise very quickly in still waters, since the oxygen is consumed in the decomposition of dead plants. But even in winter this process continues under the ice surface. The oxygen is required by bacteria for decomposing plants. If the oxygen concentration becomes too low, these bacteria die and other micro-organisms take over the further decomposition. However, these micro-organisms release toxins, to the detriment of water animals and plants.

The vitally required oxygen is introduced into your garden pond with the Schego garden pond aerator. The appliance operates with 12 V and is connected via a safety transformer. It can be used outside, and 10 m cable and 10 m hose permit individual location.

pond heater/titanium tube

220-240 V/50 Hz
10 m cable
styrofoam float

art. no.heating energylengthØ
591100 W250 mm25 mm
592200 W250 mm25 mm
593300 W250 mm25 mm
596600 W350 mm25 mm

Protection class IP 68

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frost guard

220-240 V/50 Hz
5 m sensor cable

art. no.
frost guard 600, switch-on temperature approx. 0 °C, max. 600 W

frost guard, switch-on temperature approx. 0 °C, max. 300 W

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GTD 250 garden pond aerator

art. no. 600
12 V/50 Hz
250 l/h
190 x 110 x 70 mm
10 m cable incl. transformer
10 m PVC hose with nonreturn valve and airstone

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