air pumps for industrial applications

aeration pumps, aerators, vacuum pumps, measuring gas pumps, sample gas pumps, membrane pumps, level regulation pumps, feed pumps, in- and outlet pumps, battery pumps, air pumps for: water columns, bubble columns, aroma diffusers, promotion displays, decubitus mattresses, condensate-neutralization, effluent lifting plants, exhaust gas tests, vacuum therapy, compression systems, room scent systems, aroma diffusors, measurement technology, control engineering, dehydration in communication technology, snoezel columns, solvent-free cleaning tables, fish transports, cooling lubricant ventilation



heating and controlling technology for industrial applications

PTC heaters, titanium heaters, metal heaters, temperature regulators, temperature controllers, heaters and controllers for: laboratory baths, bacterial growths, anti-freezing devices, mobile water heating, mobile hand-washing facilities, cleaning tables, aquaculture, seawater, saltwater



aquarium technology

membrane pumps, air pumps, aeration pumps, aquarium lighting, aquarium heaters, titanium tube heaters, PTC heaters, metal heaters, aquarium thermostats, LED aquarium lighting, LED string lights, pumps for fish transports, heaters and pumps for seawater aquariums, PVC hose, silicone hose, outflow nozzles, air stones, non-return valves, check valves



pond technology

pond heaters, anti-freezing devices, frost guards, frost monitors, garden pond aerators, illuminated garden pond nozzle, PVC hose, silicone hose, air stones, non-return valves



lighting for gardens and ponds

garden lights, garden illumination, underwater lighting, pond lighting, LED lighting, built-in LED lights, 12 V light system, twilight switch, RGB lights, glare guard, do-it-yourself plug system, patio lighting




company holidays!

We are on holiday from 22nd of July to 08th of August. We will be back on 12th of August and happy to serve you again.