aquarium technology

atmospheric aquarium lighting

Besides sheer functional aquarium lighting, atmospheric lights offer you the possibility to enhance the aquarium as a visual highlight of your living room.



The waterproof string of 6 RGB-LED lights spaced at intervals of 35 cm is equipped with 10 vacuum cups for comfortable adjustment in the aquarium. The 2.5 m long connector cable has an integrated RGB controller which allows the choice between continuous red, green and blue light and a slow colour gradient. The 12 V low voltage and the low power consumption of 1.5 W ensures safe and economical operation.


art. no. 303
string of 6 LEDs
1,5 Watt
230 V/12 V/50 Hz
with RGB controller
total length 250 cm
distance between LEDs 35 cm
10 suction cups for cable fixation
incl. transformer

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